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Here at BCD Contracting & Tree Service, all your problems from brush, dirt, stump and tree removal to snow plowing and emergency services can be taken care of. 

tree removal

With our 16 years of experience in the tree removal service, we have developed techniques to help preserve your property, structures, and assets. With our experience and the most modern tools and equipment, we have everything needed to get your job done safely and efficiently while having a low impact on the surrounding areas where we are working. 

view enhancement

While much of the Chelan Valley presents boasting views of mountains, lakes and the big Columbia river, sometimes the trees on our property can present a line of site screen. There are many options other than removal to help open up these views while preserving the health of the tree and maintaining the seclusion your property offers. Ask us about options to really help recover that "Million dollar view" you may have. Often times this can be an inexpensive solution to restore the views your property offers.


Not all tree service requires a removal. Ask us about the many other options to help maintain the health and longevity of your trees. This not only adds value you you property, but also serves a great purpose to promote healthy tree growth.

tree chipper

With our modern day wood chippers and grinders we offer many solutions for your onsite chipping needs. Did you take a tree down your self and now are left with a large pile of debris? We are happy to come to your site and chip your material on site or haul it away in one of our many Chip Trucks. Call us today and see how our chipping services can help with you project. This is great for driftwood as well.

wind sailing/surfing/balancing

Much like topping and trimming, skirting, wind sailing and balancing are just some other services we specialize in that do not include removal to help promote positive growth and health in the trees that are on your property to help add value to your land.


BCD offers firewood sales and delivery to the Chelan valley and surrounding areas. Inquire today for price and species of wood currently in stock. We offer wood by the bundle for your retail needs as well as by the cord and dump truck load. Want to by rounds or logs we have you covered there as well. Inquire today for all firewood needs.

stump grinding

Ask us today about the benefits that stump grinding may have to you and your project. With our newer Stump grinders we can grind out the stump of the tree after it has been removed. Maybe its a new lawn or a deck that is going in, we have your stump grinding needs covered.

fire prevention

In our area it is known that we are subject to wildfires. We work annually in the spring and fall with landowners and the DNR and Forest Service through Cost-Share programs to help reduce the fuels and thin properties to make them fire safe. Ask us about these services and see if you qualify for reimbursement for improvements to your property.

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